viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

PHOTO GALLERY: Astronaut Douglas Wheelock’s 30 Coolest Twitpics of Earth from Space

 El astronauta de la NASA; Douglas Wheelock, comparte con el mundo via twitter fotos tomadas por él del planeta tierraWheelock ha estado publicando sus impresionantes fotos del planeta Tierra con algunos de sus pensamientos desde que se mudó a la estación espacial en Junio, cinco meses después de lograr acceso a Internet.

The photo you're looking at above is of New York City. Hard to tell? Turn your laptop screen upside down and you'll probably be able to pick out Manhattan, Long Island, and the rest of the Tri-State area. Why's the photo so special? It wasn't taken from a plane circling JFK, nor is it a shot from a satellite. In fact, it's a photograph taken by United States Astronaut Douglas H. Wheelock, who's currently aboard the International Space Station. And yes, Wheelock Tweeted the photo via Twitpic. It's actually just one of at least 30 photos of Earth that Wheelock has taken and Tweeted out in the past few months. Wheelock accompanies each shot with a short, elegantly worded description that puts life back down here on Earth in perspective (of a shot of the Middle East: "A peaceful view of the Holy Land, without any borders"). Check out an awesome gallery of 30 more of his shots after the jump.

A Closer Look at New York City

The Isles of Greece

Approaching Hurricane Earl

Hurricane Earl, over the Atlantic Ocean


The Aurora Borealis

Hurricane Danielle

Italy and Sicily

Great Barrier Reef


Cape Canaveral

The Bahamas

The Andes, running through Peru, Bolivia, and Chile

The Earth, behind the ISS's solar wings


Egypt and the Nile, the Sahara Desert, and Saudi Arabia

Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, Italy

Corinthian Channel in Greece

The Manicouagan Impact Crater in Quebec, Canada

Crystal Mountains, British Columbia

Middle East, borderless

Atoll in the South Pacific

Oahu, Hawaii

Sunset (one of 16 each day on the ISS)

Astronaut Wheelock in his International Space Station Cupola

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